Team Introduction

Montasen Design and Research Center

Montasen is a professional children's car brand, the brand belongs to Shanghai Danfeng Trading Co., Ltd. headquartered in Shanghai, with 11 subsidiaries and registered capital exceeding 10 million yuan; office warehousing covers 23,000 square meters and more than 200 varieties; the company has 200 + employees, integrating brand operation, design, research and development, production and sales, customer service sales. Since 2010, many other business departments have operated for many old national brands and first-line large-brand OEMs. They have made riding products to the extreme, and also have a strong voice in the industry.

The company pays attention to design and R&D. Among them, Montasen Design and R&D Center, led by professional designers, has nearly 30 + designers, focusing on the design and R&D of maternal and infant articles and riding products. Over the years, it has designed many excellent works, and successfully achieved the fast-maturing output of upstream and downstream supply chains. The annual design amount exceeds 15 items.

Designing Patents

Montasen Original Designs

Montasen translate the international fashion inspiration and elements to Chinese consumers, combining with the excellent domestic design team to explore the fashion elements of Chinese characteristics and provide a variety of style choices. Not only has it injected a lot of new shapes, new materials and new charm into Meng's world, but also provided more  choice space and imagination space for children. Montasen stresses on practicality, insists on the comfortable experience in each detail, fully considers easy operation, at the same time satisfies the child's growing needs all the time.

 International Novel Design Ideas.& China National Monkey King Culture

3D Printing Technology

Technical support

In the  designing ,the designer make the initial rapid prototyping mold by 3D printing technology to turn the idea into real objects. By printing various parts, the designer assemble model parts to check and improve the compatibility of various parts, then find out the advantages and disadvantages, so as to immediately improve and innovate.


Magnesium alloy

All the Montasen products are designed and engineeres internally by Montasen team(market research, manuscripts, openning3D modeling products), using black technology ultra-light magnesium alloy material, which is different from steel and aluminum materials.It needn't weld.Integrated magnesium alloy frame, breaking through the limitations of traditional bicycle welding, and at the same time, it is more conducive to designers to break through the original design style. Magnesium alloy material: "Light" ,which is mainly used in the aviation, aerospace, transportation, chemical, rocket and other industrial sectors; "Wear resistance" ,which is more capable of bearing impact loads than aluminum alloys; "High hardness" magnesium alloy material with high frame density, better elasticity and shock absorbers; "Corrosion resistant" environmental paint, pressure resistant corrosion resistant.

Quality Inspection

  • 3C Test

    3C Test

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  • JIS Test

    JIS Test

  • Vibration Test

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